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What to do in Leysdown

If you're reading this and are considering having a holiday in Leysdown on Sea, here are some of the activities Leysdown offers.

Amusement Arcades
Along the promenade, there are five amusement arcades to go in. The largest of the five is Jimmy G's Arcades, holding the centre of the promenade with two arcades; phase I and II. These have been recently refurbished as new owner Jimmy Godden purchased the old Mr B's arcades and replaced them with his own Jimmy G's amusements. These arcades also have a bingo hall in each, as well as a small bowling alley in phase II.

The next two main arcades are Playtime Amusements and Coincastle. Last but not least is the smallest of the five, Las Vegas.

Leysdown beach is hardly the Caribbean, but it's relatively safe with its shallow waters. Consisting of Sand, shells, shingle and the Sea, it isn't the nicest Beach on the English Coasts, however it by far isn't the worse. Leysdown Beach has over 200 hours of sunhine per month in the summer months and with one of the lowest rainfall counts in the whole of the U.K. it is an ideal place for the family to lay the towels down and relax in the Sun.

Naturist Beach
This official naturist Beach is about half a mile up the coast from the main Beach in Leysdown known as Shellness. There is reported to be upto 100 naturists on this beach at busy periods on weekends. Weekdays is said to be more to the numbers of 20-30+.

Many of the Locals and visiting holiday goers take to fishing in the Leysdown Sea. Mainly in the Summer months, people take boats out and enjoy a day of fishing with the catches usually consisting of eels in the wrecks and piers, and cod and dabs in the Sea. as well as boating, there are also many places all along the beach where you can plot and start fishing. If you are visiting, ask the locals what they use for bait and are most likely to catch. You may even learn a few of their tricks and secrets!
More information on fishing in Kent.

Funfair-Seasonal funfair

Since the arrival of Jimmy G's arcade in Leysdown, a funfair has visited for the whole of the Summer in the previous 2 years just next to The Seahorse pub. As well as this funfair, there is another that arrives for a shorter period, situated on the big green after Merlins. Both are of similar size with the usual rides along with bumper cars etc.

Golf-Pitch and Putt
A little walk away from Sheppey Beach villas is the Pitch and Putt course. Very cheap to play I think roughly about £3 from memory. Next to this is a smaller putting green consisting of 18 holes, more for the children and families. The price for this is as I remember roughly £1 per person. There is a picnic area as well as a cafe opposite. Climbing frames and a big green make it a nice place to spend a few hours, with the beach only a 30 second walk away. As a child I have spent many hours here and have many many good memories of days out with the family.

With family entertainment and under 18 raves for younger people, there is a fairly ok range of nightlife in Leysdown catering to many different ages and needs. I will name a few of the different places to go below, however there are also many other places and entertainment outside of the list below.

Merlins is the home of a big part of entertainment at night in Leysdown. Hosting different events for different nights, ranging from under 18 nights, to comedians and live singers, Merlins is usually a safe bet for good nightlife.

Talk of the Town
Recently changed managers, the reputation of the Talk of the Town is changing. Renowned for louts and fights, under new management this is changing to a more friendly family safe atmosphere. If you are looking for a safe night with the family, I still wouldn't recommend to go here. A young guy or girl who wants to have a great night, drinking and dancing, then this is more suited to you.

Central Beach
This little family bar holds night time entertainment with bingo nights, karaoke and disco nights. With a park at the back with climbing frames and swings, it is definitely child friendly and a great place to go for the family. A pool table and darts when it isn't too busy is available for use with drinks not being too expensive either.

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Anonymous said...

I took my grandchildren to Leysdown and were pleasantly surprised by the newly taken over Funland along the sea wall opposite the two pubs.
The attraction are bouncy castles -- an American climbing frame a spider tower I thing and a bungee trampoline
All were reasonably priced and the staff were great fun. The cafe was also very good too
I and the kids had a great time.