Monday, 9 February 2009

What to do in Leysdown

If you're reading this and are considering having a holiday in Leysdown on Sea, here are some of the activities Leysdown offers.

Amusement Arcades
Along the promenade, there are five amusement arcades to go in. The largest of the five is Jimmy G's Arcades, holding the centre of the promenade with two arcades; phase I and II. These have been recently refurbished as new owner Jimmy Godden purchased the old Mr B's arcades and replaced them with his own Jimmy G's amusements. These arcades also have a bingo hall in each, as well as a small bowling alley in phase II.

The next two main arcades are Playtime Amusements and Coincastle. Last but not least is the smallest of the five, Las Vegas.

Leysdown beach is hardly the Caribbean, but it's relatively safe with its shallow waters. Consisting of Sand, shells, shingle and the Sea, it isn't the nicest Beach on the English Coasts, however it by far isn't the worse. Leysdown Beach has over 200 hours of sunhine per month in the summer months and with one of the lowest rainfall counts in the whole of the U.K. it is an ideal place for the family to lay the towels down and relax in the Sun.

Naturist Beach
This official naturist Beach is about half a mile up the coast from the main Beach in Leysdown known as Shellness. There is reported to be upto 100 naturists on this beach at busy periods on weekends. Weekdays is said to be more to the numbers of 20-30+.

Many of the Locals and visiting holiday goers take to fishing in the Leysdown Sea. Mainly in the Summer months, people take boats out and enjoy a day of fishing with the catches usually consisting of eels in the wrecks and piers, and cod and dabs in the Sea. as well as boating, there are also many places all along the beach where you can plot and start fishing. If you are visiting, ask the locals what they use for bait and are most likely to catch. You may even learn a few of their tricks and secrets!
More information on fishing in Kent.

Funfair-Seasonal funfair

Since the arrival of Jimmy G's arcade in Leysdown, a funfair has visited for the whole of the Summer in the previous 2 years just next to The Seahorse pub. As well as this funfair, there is another that arrives for a shorter period, situated on the big green after Merlins. Both are of similar size with the usual rides along with bumper cars etc.

Golf-Pitch and Putt
A little walk away from Sheppey Beach villas is the Pitch and Putt course. Very cheap to play I think roughly about £3 from memory. Next to this is a smaller putting green consisting of 18 holes, more for the children and families. The price for this is as I remember roughly £1 per person. There is a picnic area as well as a cafe opposite. Climbing frames and a big green make it a nice place to spend a few hours, with the beach only a 30 second walk away. As a child I have spent many hours here and have many many good memories of days out with the family.

With family entertainment and under 18 raves for younger people, there is a fairly ok range of nightlife in Leysdown catering to many different ages and needs. I will name a few of the different places to go below, however there are also many other places and entertainment outside of the list below.

Merlins is the home of a big part of entertainment at night in Leysdown. Hosting different events for different nights, ranging from under 18 nights, to comedians and live singers, Merlins is usually a safe bet for good nightlife.

Talk of the Town
Recently changed managers, the reputation of the Talk of the Town is changing. Renowned for louts and fights, under new management this is changing to a more friendly family safe atmosphere. If you are looking for a safe night with the family, I still wouldn't recommend to go here. A young guy or girl who wants to have a great night, drinking and dancing, then this is more suited to you.

Central Beach
This little family bar holds night time entertainment with bingo nights, karaoke and disco nights. With a park at the back with climbing frames and swings, it is definitely child friendly and a great place to go for the family. A pool table and darts when it isn't too busy is available for use with drinks not being too expensive either.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Leysdown Chalet and Caravan Parks.

There are 20 caravan and chalet parks in Leysdown alone, here are the main parks that are fairly close to the promenade.

Harts Holiday Park

Harts Caravan Park LogoHarts holiday park is directly facing the beach, only a 30 second walk away. It is located right in the heart of Leysdown's promenade, with all of the shops and attractions literally within a 1 minute walk. It has its own heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, complete with sauna and jacuzzi. It has a clubhouse bar which has just been refurbished, holding live entertainment on most weekends in peak times. A popular choice for holiday goers in Leysdown.

Prices and bookings are available through Park Holidays UK.

Contact Details
Phone - 01795 511522
Fax - 01795 510488
Address - Leysdown Road, Leysdown on Sea, Isle Of Sheppey, ME12 4RG

Central Beach Park

Central Beach Park has been with the current owners George and Maureen Wharton for 30 years this year (2009) and is situated in a prime spot right next to the beach. It has an outdoor heated swimming pool with a play park joining onto the beach itself. It has its own social club with tiki bar and live entertainment with karaoke and disco, as well as bingo. An under 5's play area is also provided and a pub restaurant, well known for its good sunday lunch. A boot fair every sunday morning is hosted in-season. Being so close to the beach, arcades and cafes, it's definately a top choice holiday park in Leysdown.

Contact Details
Telephone - 01795 510308 / 01795 510333
Fax - 01795 510500
Address - Central Beach Caravan Park, Grove Avenue, Leysdown, Sheppey, Kent, ME12 4QE
Official Website - White Horse Leisure Centres ltd

Leysdown Chalet Services

Leysdown Chalet Services has many properties under its books in Kent, however it deals largly with Leysdown where most of its properties are saturated.
Not a park as such, it is the main independant agency in Leysdown, offering ranges of accomodation from 6 berth chalets, to brick bungalows and upto 12 berth caravans, giving plenty to choose from.

They also sell houses as well as renting them, here is the link to check out the offers they have on their site.
Leysdown Chalet Services

Warden Bay Caravan Park

Warden Bay Caravan Park is located just on the edge of Leysdown and is about a 5 minute walk from the beach. Another 5 minutes up the beach brings you to Leysdown Promenade which is where the heart of Leysdown lies. Warden Bay Caravan Park have new and used caravans for rent and for sale, with a launderette and an outdoor swimming pool.

Contact Details
Telephone: 01795 510275
Visit the Official Website:

Seaview Caravan and Chalet Park

Seaview Caravan and Chalet Park is located on Warden Bay rd, 5 minutes from Leysdown Beach and another 5 minutes away from Leysdown promenade. With an outdoor heated swimming pool, large playing field, children's play area, dog exercise area and a launderette, it has plenty to acommodate your needs.

Contact Details
Tel: 01795 510275
Fax: 01795 510200
Address: Seaview Holiday Park
Warden Bay Road
ME12 4NB

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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jimmy G's...The new arcade in Leysdown

As I drove past Merlins to that corner by the Rose and Crown that we all love to see, I noticed the 'Mr B's' arcades had been turned into a 'Jimmy G's' instead. Jimmy Godden has bought both sides of Mr B's, both phase I and II. The larger of the two, phase II, has been completely renovated giving it a more modern look. The roof has been completely torn down and replaced, which must have cost one hell of a lot as I know it to have had an asbestos problem, and could not be touched. I was especially sad to notice the three things phase II offered that no other Leysdown arcade offered had been removed: The Laser quest, 'fun factory' and bumper cars have all been demolished. A new bowling alley has been put in its place however, as well as the bingo being built too. Hope fully with Jimmy owning several other arcades too, he will be able to bring a new lease of life to Leysdown, as I'm sure many people would would agree, it could definitely do with a good renovation.

Jimmy Godden
Jimmy Godden is known as the 'King of the South-Coast', owning various different arcades throughout sea-side towns in the South East of England. He seems to be very unlucky with some of these though, with three of his arcades being burnt down. The most famous and recent burning is of Dreamland in Margate. The others include: 'Mr B's arcade on Margate Seafront, Rotunda Amusement Park in Folkstone and The Tivoli Amusement Arcade in Ramsgate. That being said, he is a very successful business man never the less and will hopefully have better luck with his new arcades in Leysdown.

The Scenic Railway fire has caused more media attention than any of his other arcades that have been burnt. Margate was a main attraction in Kent. Having been there a few times myself as a child, I was very sad when I learned I would never be able to see 'Dreamland' again. As well as being an arcade, it also held one of the most rarest wooden roller coasters of its kind, a grade two roller coaster; the scenic railway. It's said Thanet District Council are holding talks with the Scenic Railway Rollercoaster owners about rebuilding it and regenerating the Margate town centre. I think we all hope some sort of arrangement can be made, but whether this ends up happening or not is as good a guess as any.

Dreamland Gallery
A gallery of pictures of dreamland, Margate before it burnt down.
Dreamland Gallery

Scenic Railway Burning
A YouTube video of The scenic railway burning.